Anonymous Anonymous
Surf anonymously
Encrypted Encrypted
Industry-standard encryption
easy to install
Unblock websites Secure
Bypass blocked websites
100% Free
Free and easy
Why you should use FREEMYBROWSER?
This extension gives you the freedom to bypass censorship and restrictions, whilst keeping you safe and secure online. We protect your privacy by hiding your IP address, allowing you to remain anomyous from prying eyes.

5 stars rating

Discover our 4 Superpowers gives you hassle free and easy-to-use encryption. You can redirect your browser’s traffic to the country you choose. Moreover, you can setup profiles for every website you visit. With you can bypass blocked websites and use hidden services.
Surf anonymously

We hide your real IP-address and reroute your browser traffic through different countries. With nobody knows your location.

Industry-standard encryption

When you use the extension, every bit is encrypted. We use industry-standard encryption and do not save any personal details.

Visit blocked websites
Bypass censorship

Choose the country through which you would like your browser traffic to be redirected. Visit blocked services like Netflix or YouTube by rerouting your browser traffic to another country.

100% Free
Free & easy to use

Our extension is completely free and can be installed within just a few seconds. You just need to add the extension to your browser and setup your personal account.

What are you waiting for?
It's your turn. Give it a try and install our extension. If you're not happy with our service, you can remove the extension just as quickly and easily as you installed it.

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